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Chase Bank Loans

Chase Bank has been providing different loan services in order to help the people fulfill their needs easily and quickly. Whenever you need cash, you can have the cash and working capital for your business with Chase Bank Loans. Starting at ten thousand dollars, you can apply for the lines of credit. You can also apply for auto loan or for a mortgage if you are eligible. chase bank

To meet the needs of working capital of your business, you can easily access the cash with this service. To purchase the capital goods or consolidate debt for your business with the help of Business term loans provided by the Chase Bank Loans service. With the fixed payments in each month, you can get the equipment, machinery or other assets easily which you can start at five thousand dollars to apply the business term loan.

Types of Chase Bank Loans

chase bank loans

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans

To take an advantage of higher borrowing limits and longer repayment terms for your business, Chase SBA Financing is best. The different criteria like qualifying and administration are flexible with it. In the lower monthly payments and repayment terms, you can get greater flexibility. It is a very good service which is also a fuel to the starting and the emerging companies.

The Chase Bank Loans for Small Business Administration have been helping the people in gearing the lower monthly payments, financing of the applicable fees directly and longer repayment terms. There are different Loan solutions under SBA which are SBA 7(a) loan program, SBA 504 Loan Program and SBA Express Term Loan.

chase bank loans sba

SBA 7(a) Loan Program

This option is best for the people who want to expand their fund, manage the flow of the cash or purchase another business. The SBA 7(a) Loan amounts up to five million dollars. It is easy to qualify with lower down payments on the fixed assets. And has longer maturity terms which are the benefits of this loan program. The working capital can be valid up to seven years, real estate up to twenty-five years and equipment up to ten years which are the standard terms of this loan program. In terms of structure, the small business administration gives you guarantee up to seventy-five percent. The pricing of this loan program is fixed with options of variable rate.

SBA Express Term Loan

The SBA Express Term Loans can be the best option for them who wants to borrow to expand their fund, manage the flow of the cash and purchase another business. The SBA Express Loan amounts up to $350,000 dollars. It is an accelerated application process with longer maturity terms and the financing of the fees is easy. The working capital is valid up to seven years, real estate up to twenty-five years and equipment up to ten years. In terms of the structure, it gives the guarantee of fifty percent of the loan. The price of this loan program is fixed with options of variable rate.

SBA 504 Loan Program

The SBA 504 Loan Program is the best choice for the people who want to expand their business through the acquisition of land or building. There is no maximum loan facility in this loan program. The benefits are the favorable pricing and terms and lower down payments. The loan is provided for minimum of seven years for the equipment and ten years for the real estate. The standard terms provided by the SBA are twenty years for the real estate and ten years for the equipment. SBA funds maximum up to five million dollars or forty percent. There is a favorable price facility which is fixed for twenty years.

Chase Auto Loans

chase bank auto loan

If you are thinking of buying a car, then you can always remember Chase Bank Loans. Chase Bank is always ready in helping you in borrowing a secure, easy and flexible loan for a new or a used car. Also, with the personal checking account, you can reduce the rate up to 0.50 percent discount rate provided by the Chase bank. You can apply for the loan online by which you can get the loan in a minute if your loan is approved. You can pay even less amount of cash each month if you refinance the loan of your car with the Chase auto loan service for your car. Also if you are thinking of buying a used car, then Chase Auto Loan service, then you can also get the loan with lower rates and refinancing is also easy.

Chase Mortgage

chase mortgage

If you are thinking of buying a home, Chase Mortgage is always ready in advising you and getting the tools to the new front door. The mortgage per qualification service is ready to help you in finding the home which is fit your budget. For this, you can either start online or by contacting a Chase Mortgage Banker near you.

You can use the tools and resources provided by the Chase Mortgage that will help you in choosing the best loan service and finding out how much you can afford. It is important to refinance your home as you will determine your needs and choose the right loan. Chase Bank also helps you in managing your mortgage.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is an American multinational bank and financial services providing company which headquarter is situated in San Francisco, America. According to the status in 2015, Wells Fargo is the world’s largest bank in term of the market capitalization. This bank is one of the biggest banks in America and was named as the world’s most valuable bank brand in the world in 2013, and 2014.Wells Fargo

For the convenience of the customer this bank provides various quality services of online banking. For the convenience of the customer, bank has been providing various services under Wells Fargo online banking.

Features of Wells Fargo Online Banking

wells fargo online banking

  • Monitor Your Accounts

By online banking facilities, you can monitor your accounts from anywhere, anytime. You can check your current balances, check deposits, make payments and transactions online.

  • Alerts

You can also get alerts for every transaction that took place through on your bank account. You will get alert through email or your mobile via SMS after every single transaction. The transactions can be done through your debit cards or withdrawal of the money through ATMs or transferring of money from one account to another. This helps you to keep track of your money.

  • Online Security

Wells Fargo provides guarantee of the security of online banking. If you happen to lose your money to someone you don’t know through online, then the bank refunds the 100 % money to your account. But for this you have to follow strict policy provided by the bank. You have to follow the responsibilities as per the bank’s security measures.

  • Online Statements

You can get the statements online for your account. You don’t have to go to bank every time when you want statements. You can have access to your bank statements online and see it in softcopy output. You don’t have to save your papers and keep the record of your monthly transactions. The bank stores all your statements online so that you can get access in anytime and from anywhere you want.

  • Manage Bills

You can also pay your bills easily with online banking facility provided. You can pay those bills from your home or work . You can also schedule your monthly bills payments system so that the bank will automatically pay the bills on your behalf. You can also schedule the payments system that is either monthly or weekly or any time period you want.

  • Transfer Money

You can easily transfer the money from your account to another. You can transfer the balance with different members holding account in different bank too. You can also set up automatic recurring transfers if you need to pay the person in certain time gap so that the amount will be paid in time.

  • Use Financial Tools

With this tool, you can plan your expenditure and savings. You can see your expenditure history and savings in the form of graph or chart so that you can change your expenditure and savings.

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Credit Card

Wells Fargo provides different credit card services to its customers according to their preferences. Customers can choose different types of credit cards as per their wants and needs. The different credit cards available for the customers of this bank are.

  • Cash Back Credit Cards

These credit cards are the cards with the use of which you will get your certain percent of the cash reward for you for using these cards while buying certain things. You can have this card for free.

  • Rewards Credit Card

These are the credit cards which wins you a point as a reward for using each time when you buy any particular things. Some of the examples of these cards are Wells Fargo Reward Visa Card, Wells Fargo Visa Signature etc.

  • Build or Rebuild Credit

These credit cards are the cards which allow you to build a good credit history. And if your credit card history is better you will get to lower the interest rate on future loans for buying cars, homes, lands etc.

  • Platinum Credit Card

This card helps you to meet your business spending needs. These cards are for especially appropriate for those businesses which annual sales are up to 2 million.

  • Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card

This is another credit card for the business owners. If you are planning to establish or rebuilt your business credit with this bank, then this is a good card a person should own. It cost $25 yearly. It has a credit line up to $25,000.

  • Wells Fargo Business Elite Card

This is also a business oriented credit card with credit line up to $100,000. If you own the larger companies then you can own this credit card and get up to 200 cards which you can distribute among your staffs for buying their requirements.

Wells Fargo Loans

Wells Fargo Student Loans

Wells Fargo also provides various types of loan facilities to its customers with appropriate interests.

  • Mortgage Loans

If you are willing to buy a new home or you are willing to reconstruct or improve your home, then you can get loans as mortgage loans through this bank in suitable interest rate. The interest will depend upon the your home value, down payments, loan purposes and others.

  • Home Equity Loans

If you want a big sum of money for any purposes and you are willing to use your home as an collateral then you can have loans as home equity loans through Wells Fargo. The interest rate depends upon your home value, your loan amount and payback period and other factors.

  • Personal Lines and Loans

These are the types of loans for your personal use and which don’t need any collateral. If you need immediate cash for your personal use then you can apply for this loan.

  • Student Loans

These are the loans for your educational purpose. You can use the loans amount for your education purpose and you don’t have to worry about the payback while you are studying. You don’t have to pay the banks until 6 months after your educations.

  • Auto Loans

If you are trying to buy the new cars then this bank can help you with appropriate interest loans for you to get your dream car.

Barclays bank

Barclays bank

Barclays is a British multinational bank which deals with financial services like loans, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management, and mortgage lending. This bank operates in more than 50 countries and has more than 45 million satisfied customers. Barclays Bank performs its operations in 4 different fields such as personal banking, corporate banking, wealth and investments managements. This bank is one of the oldest bank of England and also is the first bank to use modern ATM machines. This bank is renowned in the world for its best customer oriented services. Some of the best known services of this bank are describe as follow:

Barclays Bank Credit Card

Barclays Bank provides different types of credit cards to its customer. Customer can choose anyone of the cards and get benefited from it. The various types of credit cards provided by the banks are Balance transfers credit cards, purchase- offers credit cards, card for limited credit history, and freedom reward card.

  • Balance Transfers Credit Cards

Barclays Bank Transfer Credit Card

If you want to transfer balances to help save your money then you can own this credit card. There are various Barclay cards for balance transferring so that you can pay or transfer the balance easily to others. These credit cards are flexible and very convenient for using. You can transfers balances from one account to another in any time and from anywhere by using this card. You can use different balance transfer cards such as Barclaycard Platinum 37 month balance transfer card, Barclaycard Platinum 2 years balance transfer card, Barclaycard Platinum with 20 months purchase and balance transfer offer card,etc.

  • Purchase Offer Credit Cards

Barclays Bank Offer Credit Card

These cards are for those who like to buy the goods today and make the payments in the future days. With this card you can purchase any goods and pay for the goods in the future. But you have to pay on time and stay in the credit limit that is fixed by the bank. This card is a convenient way of shopping for the users.

  • Cards for Limited Credit History

Barclays Limited Credit Card

These credit cards are for those persons who are new credit card users and have limited credit history. By using these cards you can build your credit rating over time. Credit rating is very important for future. For example if you have good credit rating you will get loans easily in the future and also in the future if you want low interest in your loan, your credit rating plays a vital role. So if you want to build your credit history you can own this card.

  • Freedom Reward CardBarclays bank

These credit cards allow you to gain points in every purchase through this card. The more you use these cards the more you get points and those points can be used as the bonuses in different restaurants and parks. Those points can also be used for shopping online too.

Barclays Bank Online Banking Features

Other best service provided by this bank is online banking. You can now use your account from your home or room or your working place. You don’t need to go to the bank for each and every simple problem. You can now access and manage your bank account from your laptop or pc in anytime from anywhere. By using online banking you can have following features for you.

  • Access and Manage Your Accounts DetailsBarclays bank

You can now access and manage your account from online. you don’t have to go to the banks for knowing the balance in your account in every time. You can simply login to Barclays official site and manage your account from there. You can check your balances, see the transaction made, etc. from home.

  • Retrieving Your Login Details

Barclays Retrieving your log in details

If you forgot your log in details you don’t need to go to banks. You can follow the instructions online and get your log in details shortly. You don’t have to wait for a day or a week. You can instantly get your log in detail and access the account.

  • Pay Bills and Make Transfers

Barclays Pay Bills

You can make payments to anyone from online banking system. If you have previously bought any good and need to make payments then you can simply pay them online in their account or you can transfer the money in their account.

  • Report a Lost or Stolen Cards

lost or stolen card

If you mistakenly happen to lose your cards you can report it instantly and block the card and save illegal access to your account.

Barclays Bank Loans

  • Personal LoanBarclays bank

If you need money for your personal reason immediately you can get the loan for that without collateral of the property then you can have loan from the bank as personal loan with appropriate interest rates.

  • Car Loan

Barclays Car Loan

If you want to buy the cars which is out of your price range then you can have the financial help from the bank and pay the bank in the future within certain time.

  • Debt Consolidation

Barclays Debt Consolidation

This is a kind of loan which helps you to pay all the debts. If you are in debt with many users it might be difficult for you to pay interest in different times. At that time you can use this loan and clear all the debts with others and have only one debt so that it will be easy to pay the debt.

  • Home Improvements and Home Loan

Barclays Home Improvement Loan

These are the loans for buying new home or restructuring your home. You can have loans with appropriate interest rates.

  • Top Up Your Loan

Barclays Top Up Loan

If you have already loan with the bank and you need more loan, then in that time you can have top up loan to fulfill your need. You don’t have to have loan from various other banks if you need further loan.