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Wells Fargo is an American multinational bank and financial services providing company which headquarter is situated in San Francisco, America. According to the status in 2015, Wells Fargo is the world’s largest bank in term of the market capitalization. This bank is one of the biggest banks in America and was named as the world’s most valuable bank brand in the world in 2013, and 2014.Wells Fargo

For the convenience of the customer this bank provides various quality services of online banking. For the convenience of the customer, bank has been providing various services under Wells Fargo online banking.

Features of Wells Fargo Online Banking

wells fargo online banking

  • Monitor Your Accounts

By online banking facilities, you can monitor your accounts from anywhere, anytime. You can check your current balances, check deposits, make payments and transactions online.

  • Alerts

You can also get alerts for every transaction that took place through on your bank account. You will get alert through email or your mobile via SMS after every single transaction. The transactions can be done through your debit cards or withdrawal of the money through ATMs or transferring of money from one account to another. This helps you to keep track of your money.

  • Online Security

Wells Fargo provides guarantee of the security of online banking. If you happen to lose your money to someone you don’t know through online, then the bank refunds the 100 % money to your account. But for this you have to follow strict policy provided by the bank. You have to follow the responsibilities as per the bank’s security measures.

  • Online Statements

You can get the statements online for your account. You don’t have to go to bank every time when you want statements. You can have access to your bank statements online and see it in softcopy output. You don’t have to save your papers and keep the record of your monthly transactions. The bank stores all your statements online so that you can get access in anytime and from anywhere you want.

  • Manage Bills

You can also pay your bills easily with online banking facility provided. You can pay those bills from your home or work . You can also schedule your monthly bills payments system so that the bank will automatically pay the bills on your behalf. You can also schedule the payments system that is either monthly or weekly or any time period you want.

  • Transfer Money

You can easily transfer the money from your account to another. You can transfer the balance with different members holding account in different bank too. You can also set up automatic recurring transfers if you need to pay the person in certain time gap so that the amount will be paid in time.

  • Use Financial Tools

With this tool, you can plan your expenditure and savings. You can see your expenditure history and savings in the form of graph or chart so that you can change your expenditure and savings.

Wells Fargo Credit Cards

Wells Fargo Credit Card

Wells Fargo provides different credit card services to its customers according to their preferences. Customers can choose different types of credit cards as per their wants and needs. The different credit cards available for the customers of this bank are.

  • Cash Back Credit Cards

These credit cards are the cards with the use of which you will get your certain percent of the cash reward for you for using these cards while buying certain things. You can have this card for free.

  • Rewards Credit Card

These are the credit cards which wins you a point as a reward for using each time when you buy any particular things. Some of the examples of these cards are Wells Fargo Reward Visa Card, Wells Fargo Visa Signature etc.

  • Build or Rebuild Credit

These credit cards are the cards which allow you to build a good credit history. And if your credit card history is better you will get to lower the interest rate on future loans for buying cars, homes, lands etc.

  • Platinum Credit Card

This card helps you to meet your business spending needs. These cards are for especially appropriate for those businesses which annual sales are up to 2 million.

  • Wells Fargo Business Secured Credit Card

This is another credit card for the business owners. If you are planning to establish or rebuilt your business credit with this bank, then this is a good card a person should own. It cost $25 yearly. It has a credit line up to $25,000.

  • Wells Fargo Business Elite Card

This is also a business oriented credit card with credit line up to $100,000. If you own the larger companies then you can own this credit card and get up to 200 cards which you can distribute among your staffs for buying their requirements.

Wells Fargo Loans

Wells Fargo Student Loans

Wells Fargo also provides various types of loan facilities to its customers with appropriate interests.

  • Mortgage Loans

If you are willing to buy a new home or you are willing to reconstruct or improve your home, then you can get loans as mortgage loans through this bank in suitable interest rate. The interest will depend upon the your home value, down payments, loan purposes and others.

  • Home Equity Loans

If you want a big sum of money for any purposes and you are willing to use your home as an collateral then you can have loans as home equity loans through Wells Fargo. The interest rate depends upon your home value, your loan amount and payback period and other factors.

  • Personal Lines and Loans

These are the types of loans for your personal use and which don’t need any collateral. If you need immediate cash for your personal use then you can apply for this loan.

  • Student Loans

These are the loans for your educational purpose. You can use the loans amount for your education purpose and you don’t have to worry about the payback while you are studying. You don’t have to pay the banks until 6 months after your educations.

  • Auto Loans

If you are trying to buy the new cars then this bank can help you with appropriate interest loans for you to get your dream car.

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